Monday, August 13, 2012


Entry kali ni melalut sikit. Nak cerita hadiah yang ku terima dari zaman sekolah hingga sekarang. Sepanjang bergelar remaja banyak hadiah yg ku terima. Dari first guy yg I kenal till now. Semuanya bg bear. hahhaa. dah besar-besar pun dapat bear mak I cakap. Here the picture. hahaha. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Projek Sarjana Muda

After final exam done, final year student need to prepare to present their topic that they had been choose on the Semester 5. This time, PSM by group, each group consist of three person. This time, my team member's are Fahzian and Mastura. Our topic is about Queuing Model. On the day that presentation happened, our group was the simple group compare to others group. Each group will be judged by two Lecturer which is one is Examiner and another one is Panel. Our Examiner came very early around 9.40 am. After we presented our project she said that overall ok but we lack of explanation on the certain part. But what make I especially felt so disappointing was when my Panel came to judging our project. She condemned our project because of the certain part that we didn't make her satisfied. The day make us felt so sad. And after that day, I was target only pass that project but finally when the result had been announced, I'm so pretty happy because we got B+ compare to others yang tak kene condemned. After that i smile the hole day till now. And i was thinking only us got that grade but ada juga yang dapat below than what we had been got. Congrate Yan, Mas and Jaja. On the Viva day, here there are picture.

our both

our neighbor 

my replica 

one of them is my best buddies

kami lagi

she is our Examiner 

she is our Panel

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Result sem lepas cepat giler keluar tau. Jam 12 malam selalu dah bley start surf but as usual it will be busy and i decide utk tdo j since dah tau uitm akan anta through email j tayah nak berebut-rebut log-in. sahur time, i decide to bukak the result but can't be access using my bb. after done my subuh baru tergerak nk on my lappy so apa lagi bukak larh email. toing.. bukak bukak j tade kt inbox, gelabah da ni, then i bukak kt spam ada. :) bukak j pejam mata sbb takut. tgk2 semua Pass. yeah yeah. *lompat bintang* then tgk gpa i mak aih, biar benar. cam salah j. tp bila tgk kembali baru percaya. Alhamdulilah. Tengs Allah for the result that make my parent proud of me. Even i grad bukan larh first class but bangga sebab boleh buat my mum and dad senyum. Congrat too to my bestfriends : Yan, Mas, Lia and i for the award and Anis for the target that u want. :) Love u guys. FFL

Tengs :
- AYAH : doakan aja siang malam
-IBU : sentiasa redha dalam apa jua tindakanku
-SIBLINGS : doa utk akak